ISN 303417 - Impedance Stabilization Network


  • ISN 303417

The impedance stabilization network ISN 303417 is used for the measurement of conducted disturbances using a current clamp on WPT (wireless power transmission) systems. It is especially designed according to ETSI EN 303417 chapter 6.2.4. The circuit diagram is shown in Fig. 2. Fig. 3 shows the WPT setup together with the ISN. For common mode signals the ISN presents an impedance of 150 Ω (see Fig. 4). For differential signals, the impedance of the ISN (see Fig. 5) is sufficiently high in order not to bias the operation of the WPT.


Operating frequency range:

 15 kHz ... 30 MHz

Frequency range for measurement of common mode disturbances according to ETSI EN 303417:

 1 MHz ... 30 MHz

Common mode impedance:

 150 Ω ± 20 Ω

Max. input voltage (AC)

 50 Vrms

Max. input voltage (DC)  200 V
Max. cont. power:  5 W
Housing material:  Aluminium
L1, L2 Connectors:  Safety laboratory jacks, 4 mm
GND Connector:  4 mm laboratory jack
Dimensions:  130 mm x 105 mm x 55 mm
Weight:  approx. 500 g

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