Reference Radiators / Comb Generators

  • Schwarzbeck SG 9301 Spectrum Generator

SG 9301


Spectrum Generator

30-1000 MHz

spectrum lines switchable

100 Hz - 1 MHz

N-female connector

charger ACS 110 required

main application: reference radiator (antenna required e.g. UBAA 9114 with BBVU 9135)


pdficon small Datasheet SG9301



  • SG 9302 C


SG 9302 C


The comb-generator SG 9302 C produces a frequency spectrum consisting of lines with 100 MHz spacing up to 18 GHz. In combination with an antenna it can be used as an emission source for testing open area test sites, anechoic chambers or GTEM-cells. Single components like measuring receivers, spectrum analysers, cables and attenuators can be tested as well.



 Frequency range:  0.1 - 18 GHz

 Frequency error:

 ±1.5x10-6 (-20°C - +70°C)
 Connector:   N, 50 Ω
 Dimension BxHxT:  105 x 80 x 130 mm
 Typ. operation time:  8 h
 Power supply:  3.7 V, 2.6 Ah LiOn
 Weight (incl. battery):  430 g


pdficon small Datasheet SG9302C


  • Spectrum Generator SG 9303


SG 9303 - Comb Generator, 6 GHz


The comb generator SG 9303 is battery powered. It provides a frequency comb up to more than 8 GHz. The spacing between the spectral lines can be switched between 10 MHz and 100 MHz. A quartz crystal provides accurate frequencies. Due to its handy size and little weight as well as the mains independent power supply the SG 9303 is a great reference radiation source. In conjunction with a transmit antenna the comb generator plays the role of an artificial reliable EuT, while the rest of the fieldstrength measurement setup, consisting of receive antenna, cable, preamplifier and receiver or spectrum analyzer can be verified.


The SG 9303 is also suitable to check the functionality of EMI test receiver or spectrum analyzers. Cables and attenuators can also be tested.


 Frequency range:  1 GHz - 6 GHz
 Usable Frequency range:  10 MHz - 8 GHz

 Puls duration at 10 MHz:

 ca. 60 ns

 Puls duration at 100 MHz:

 ca. 7 ns

 Puls frequencies:

 10 MHz, 100 MHz


 N female 50 Ω

 Frequency error:

 typ. 20 ppm

 Operating time:

 8 h
 Weight:  690 g


pdficon small Datasheet SG9303




IGUF 2910


Battery driven High Power Pulse Generator

Pulse Repetition Frequency 300 Hz

weighted CISPR Level 80 dbµV

(Quasipeak, 120 kHz IF-BW)

Broad band signal source

up to 300 (1000) MHz

w. 0.5 ns Pulses of 300 V at 50 Ohm


pdficon small Datasheet IGUF2910