Mast Adapters

  • Schwarzbeck AA9202 Mast Adapter
  • Schwarzbeck AA9202 Mast Adapter_2
  • Schwarzbeck AA9202 Mast Adapter_3

AA 9202


Mast Adapter for Antenna Mast System AM 9144 with

22 mm hole for most Antenna models.

3/8" and 1/4" camera threads

polarisation continuously adjustable


Datasheet AA 9202 





  • PDG 9211 - Polarisations Swivel Fixture with BBHA 9120 J - High Gain Horn Antenna

PDG 9211 - Polarisation swivel fixture


The polarisation swivel fixture PDG 9211 allows to change the polarisation of larger horn antennas by a single person easily. With the four locking points the antenna can snap in increments of 90° angles to horizontal or vertical polarisation.


The antenna is supported near its center of gravity. The polarisation swivel fixture can be mounted on the AM 9144 tripod at its vertical 3/8" camera thread.


Optionally there is a pneumatic polarisation shifter for remote operation available.


Datasheet PDG 9211


  • AA9202POM



AA 9202 POM


Non metallic mast adapter for most light weight Antenna models with 22 mm tube

minimizes reflections

3/8" camera thread

polarisation continuously adjustable


Datasheet AA 9202 POM


  • Schwarzbeck AA9203 Mast Adapter



AA 9203


Mast Adapter for AM 9144 with 22 mm hole for most Antenna models

3/8" and 1/4" camera threads polarisation and

elevation continuously adjustable


Datasheet AA 9203


  • Schwarzbeck RA 9215 Adapter
  • Schwarzbeck RA 9215 Adapter1
  • Schwarzbeck RA 9215 Adapter2


RA 9215


Indexing adapter RA 9215 for fast and precise polarisation change (90° steps)

Mast Adapter for Antennas with 22 mm tube and indexing ring.

3/8" and 1/4" camera threads


pdficon small Datasheet RA9215




  • Schwarzbeck AA9205 Orthogonal Swivel Adapter



AA 9205


Orthogonal Swivel Adapter for positioning in 3 perpendicular directions

Application: determination of the magnitude of the fieldstrength


Datasheet AA 9205


  • Schwarzbeck AA 9209 Antenna Mast Adapter



AA 9209


Antenna adapter to fix STLP 9128 E

STLP 9128 E special, STLP 9128 D, STLP 9128 D special on AM 9144.

Alllows antenna rotation without height adjustment.

Antenna can be fixed in the center of gravity without any collision

Adapterswith the AM 9144 during polarisation change.


Datasheet AA 9209


  • Schwarzbeck AA9213 Adapter to convert a female thread to 22 mm tube


 AA 9213


Adapter to convert a 3/8" female thread to 22 mm tube

e.g. to fix BBHA 9170 on AM 9104.


Datasheet AA 9213


  • Schwarzbeck Positioner for 420NJ Aantenna




Positioner for light weight antennas like SBA 9113 with 420 NJ.

The positioner consists of: 1 piece of glass fiber tube 22 mm thick,

1000 mm long, an adapter AA 9203 is mounted to the tube.

The other end of the tube carries a 3/8 inch male camera thread.




  • Schwarzbeck RSFlange Adapter for Schwarzbeck Antennas
  • Schwarzbeck RSFlange Adapter for Schwarzbeck Antennas2


R&S Flange


R&S Flange for Schwarzbeck antenna with 22 mm tube.



  • Schwarzbeck RS 9214



RS 9214


Adapter to convert the R&S Aluminium Flange

into 22 mm tube with indexing ring.


Datasheet RS 9214


  • Schwarzbeck KG 9201 - Antenna Mast Adapter
  • Schwarzbeck KG9201 - Antenna Mast Adapter



KG 9201


Mast Adapter (swivel, 90° vertical/horizontal polarisation for AM 9144)

for VULP 9118 D,E,F,G and VUSLP 9111 E only


Datasheet KG 9201


  • Schwarzbeck PPS 9208 Pneumatic Polarisation Swivel Adapter



PPS 9208


Pneumatic polarisation shifter with 2-way pneumatic cylinder

for all Schwarzbeck antennas with 22 mm tube on AM 9144.

Compressed air required.


Datasheet PPS 9208





SWHA 9204


Swivel handle for light antennas


Datasheet SWHA 9204


  • Schwarzbeck EM9207 Mast Adapter for EMCO Masts



EA 9207


Adapter for Schwarzbeck antennas with 22 mm tube on EMCO mast.


Datasheet EA 9207





TA 9204


Thread Adapter with 3/8" female and 1/4" male threads.

Mainly for American antenna brands.


Datasheet TA 9204




TA 9205


TA 9205 Thread Adapter with 1/4" female and 3/8" male threads.

(For camera tripods, not for AM 9144)


Datasheet TA 9205




TA 9206


Thread Adapter with 3/8" female and 5/8" male threads. (Geodesy)


Datasheet TA 9206