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AntennasAntenna Masts / Tripods / AdaptersCDN 0.15 - 230 MHz, IEC 1000-4-6, EN 61000-4-6
EMI-ReceiversHelmholtz Coils / Radiating LoopsAbsorbing clamps / braid current blocking Clamps
LISN Line Impedance Stabilisation Networks and voltage probesNear field probesPulse Generators
Striplines / TEM-CellsAccessoriesDummy Lamps according to CISPR 15 EN55015
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VULB 9162TRILOG Broadband Antenna 30 MHz - 7 GHz, 100 W, diameter < 150 cm
[Radiation Pattern] [Correction] [Fieldstrength]
NMHA 5LNissan and Renault antenna set to test immunity against handy transmitters acc. to Nissan specification 28401NDS02 [5] and RENAULT 36-00-808/L 2010 (combined set) consisting of normal mode helical antennas, dipoles counterpoise and transport case (see extra list)
CDNE M2CDNE with tight tolerances for CISPR 15 emission measurements with 2 mains conductors can also be used as CDNE AF2.
CA CDNE M2 Part APart A of the calibration or short adapter for CDNE M2
CA CDNE Part BPart B of the calibration or short adapter for CDNE M2 or M3
SR100-6WAdapter 150 to 50 Ohm for CDNE or ISN e.g. ISN S8 or CDNE M2, 0-500 MHz, 6 W, connectors: BNC female, 4 mm security banana jack.
CA CDNE M3 Part ACalibration or short adapter for CDNE M3 part A.
HHS 5230-100Pair of Helmholtz coils according to SAE J551-17: 2 square coils with a side length of 3 m, 100 turns, max. 650 A/m, each coil movable separately on a wheeled platform. [Assembly]
HHS 5213-100Helmholtz Coils 1.29 m x 1.29 m, 100 turns per coil.
HHS 5215-100Helmholtz Coils up to 2000 A/m constant H field, 1,5 m x 1,5 m, 100 turns per coil
NFCN 9731-100Matching network for HHS 5230-100 for the following frequencies: 16,666 Hz; 50 Hz; 60 Hz; 150 Hz; 180 Hz. Recommended amplifiers: 2 units of AE Techron 7224.
AGEM 5520Air gap electromagnet for extreme high magnetic field strengths of up to 2.2 Tesla.
RSAL 5340LF 3-dimensional magnetic rolling stock antenna for the lower frequency range acc. to CLC/TS 50238-3:2010. 10 kHz to 100 kHz.
RSAH 53243-dimensional magnetic rolling stock antenna for the higher frequency range acc. to CLC/TS 50238-3:2010. 100 kHz to 1.3 MHz.
HHS 5210-100Helmholtz Coils up to 2183 A/m constant H field, 1 m x 1 m, 100 turns per coil, EN 61000-4-8, VDE 0847 part 4-8
NNLK 8140Single Path V-LISN, (9) 150 kHz - 30 MHz, 50 µH || 50 Ohm, 1 x 800 A continuously (1000 A short time), wing terminals, low voltage drop, High power resistors, cooling fans. Max. Voltage: 1000 V DC or 650 V AC 50/60 Hz.
PVDC 8301PV-LISN for the DC side of grid connected power converters GCPC, 1500 V, 200 A, common mode impedance = 150 Ohm, differential mode impedance = 100 Ohm, air coils 280 microhenry.
PVDC 8300PV LISN, 1500 V, 50 A, common mode impedance 150 Ohm, Z differential mode = 100 Ohm, air coils 280 microhenry.
PVDC 8300 Opt. FansOption for PVDC 8300: Fans for a maximum continuous current of 100 A.
TEMP 8400Tempest LISN 9 kHz to 1 GHz, 2 path model 10 A, N-connectors for DuT power supply and N-connectors for the 2 measurement ports. The unit allows to listen to even the smallest signals on power lines.
ISN S8ISN for screened RJ45 or RJ11 connections, 2, 4 or 8 wire, acc. D.11 CISPR 22 Ed.5.2.
ISN S1ISN acc. CISPR 22 Ed.5.5:2006, Annex D, D9 for coaxial lines
Wiring accessories for LISNWing terminals, hook and ring type cable lugs and connecting accessories for LISN
POSITIONERPositioner for light weight antennas like SBA 9113 with 420 NJ. The positioner consists of: 1 piece of glass fiber tube 22 mm thick, 1000 mm long, an adapter AA 9203 is mounted to the tube. The other end of the tube carries a 3/8 inch male camera thread.
R&S FlangeR&S Flange for Schwarzbeck antenna with 22 mm tube. [view 1], [view 2]
AA 9213Adapter to convert a 3/8'' female thread to 22 mm tube, e.g. to fix BBHA 9170 on AM 9104.
RS 9214Adapter to convert the R&S Aluminium Flange into 22 mm tube with indexing ring.
CA 9608Universal calibration adapter for e.g. the following current clamps: R&S ESV-Z1, Prodyn, IT-050-1, length and height settable.
SY 9223-120Balun for transmission measurements acc. to IEC61643-21. 50 Ohm N to 120 Ohm screw terminals.
SY 9223-17-100Broadband transformer 1:1,4 or 50 Ohm : 100 Ohm respectively acc. to CISPR 17 for filter measurements. 100 Ohm-side with banana jacks. 50 Ohm-side with BNC-jacks.
SY 9223-17-0.1Broadband transformer 22:1 or 50 Ohm : 0.1 Ohm respectively acc. to CISPR 17 for filter measurements. 50 Ohm-side with BNC-jacks, 0.1 Ohm-side with banana jacks.
CCC 9224Capacitive coupling clamp for transients acc. to ISO 7637-3 or DC-10614 B.5.
CISPR 17 EquipmentTransformers, fixtures and adapters to measure filters, ferrites and other passive components. Detailed product list and data sheets on request.
BBV 9721Broadband Coaxial Preamplifier typ. 30 dB, 18-40 GHz. Including short cable with 2.92 plugs to connect the BBV 9721 with the antenna (for example BBHA 9170). Noise figure 5.5 dB, P1dBmin=15 dBm, VSWR max in/out = 2,6.
PS 9721Power supply unit for BBV 9721 including cables with secuity plugs, can be used for 110 and 230 V.
BBV 9744Broadband Coaxial Preamplifier gain max. 30 dB, 9 kHz – 6 GHz, low noise floor, N-jack N-plug, including power supply.
BBV 9745Broadband Coaxial Preamplifier gain max. 30 dB, 9 kHz –2 GHz, low noise floor, N-jack N-plug, improved ESD protection, including power supply.