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AntennasAntenna Masts / Tripods / AdaptersCDN 0.15 - 230 MHz, IEC 1000-4-6, EN 61000-4-6
EMI-ReceiversHelmholtz Coils / Radiating LoopsAbsorbing clamps / braid current blocking Clamps
LISN Line Impedance Stabilisation Networks and voltage probesNear field probesPulse Generators
Striplines / TEM-CellsAccessoriesDummy Lamps according to CISPR 15 EN55015
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mancalc1.pdfCalculations for Antenna Measurements, field strength, ERP Effective Radiated Power, EIRP Effective Isotropic Radiated Power
4zu1alle.pdfComparison table 4:1 broadband baluns, open cone or biconical elements, antenna factors for different combinations of balun and elements.
501473ap.pdfSite reference VULB 9163 and UBAA 9115 with BBUK 9139 according to EN 50147-3. Validation of fully anechoic rooms (FAR) for radiated emission testing.
8121rcps.pdfRemote Control of a LISN with the option "rcfm" or "rcps".
rsrcps.pdfRemote control of a LISN with the option "rcps for R&S receivers".
stlpinfo.pdfGerman only! Generation of high field strength with stacked logarithmic - periodic broadband antennas.
pol9120.pdfhorn antenna vertical polarisation, horizontal polarisation
TK3B0303.pdfGerman only! Measurement of field strength below 30 MHz.
ek3b0504.pdfGerman only! Site evaluation beyond 1 GHz, NSA, site attenuation, ground reflection.
Netznachbildung.pdfGerman only! History of the LISN, Transition of the 150 Ohm to the 50 Ohm system, coils with iron core, air-core coils, pre-filter choke
Patternvulb.pdfDirectional pattern of dipole, log.-per. antenna, logbicone antenna
fachamb.PDFEstimation of the power requirement for Immunity Testing in Ferrite Tiled Fully Anechoic Chamber.
shortdis.pdfThe phase center of Log.-per- and hybrid antennas is moving to the antenna tip with higher frequencies. For short measurement distances this effect must be taken into account. Often 1 m and 3 m antenna factor and gain are provided in this context.
N-connectors.pdfHints to protect the N-connector or N-jack of an antenna or device.
LISN_Spec_Update.pdfCISPR 16-1-2 definines new requirements for V-AMN regarding the magnitude and phase of the impedance and the Isolation.
LCLCAL1.PDFCalibration of the longitudinal conversion loss LCL
EMIRcvrCISPR16.pdfEMI-Receiver according to CISPR 16-1-1
Montage_STLP.pdfAssembly of an STLP 9128 x Antenna.
PRODDCAL09.pdfGerman only! Antenna calibration, calibration of conducted measurands, list of calibrations.
PRODECAL09.pdfAntenna calibration, calibration of conducted measurands, list of calibrations.
AntennaCenter.pdfDefinition of the antenna center as reference point for an antenna calibration.
PE_Masse_LISN.pdfConnection of DuT and LISN to ground
Magnetfeld.pdfMagnetic field mesuremernts in the near and far field
VAMPINFO.pdfCalibration of Vertical Monopole Antennas (9kHz - 30MHz)